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Wild About Sprouts

Created as a safe and trustworthy solution to previous pathogen issues associated with the category, Wild About Sprouts are the next generation of highly functional, great tasting sprouts. Using patented COLD GROWN® technology and available in six varieties, these amazing “super veggies” contain specific concentrated phytonutrients, scientifically proven to be of great benefit in preventing and fighting disease. Learn more at

Mixmi Frozen Yogurt

The product of three generations of food enthusiasts (who also happen to be food scientists), Mixmi is a breakthrough healthy snack designed to bring the power of prebiotic fiber, billions of the finest live and active probiotics and a healthy microbiome to everyday life, while providing a delicious low-calorie experience. Mixmi is all about snacking with a purpose: “Healthy Gut, Happy You.” Learn more at

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Wild About Bread

This ingenious product simplifies the home bread-baking process, allowing anyone and everyone to experience the amazing aroma and taste of fresh baked bread. No need for a machine as bread ingredients are mixed and proofed in the PrepPal. Easy step-by-step directions add to the simplicity and convenience. Best of all, Wild About Bread invites and inspires creativity, resulting in everything from traditional loaves to baguettes, breadsticks, to pizza crust. Learn more at

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